BLAS & LAPACK for Windows

BLAS and LAPACK are the de facto libraries for linear algebra. For those interested in using BLAS and LAPACK on Windows platform, I have compiled them in 32bit and 64bit libraries by Intel® Fortran Compiler XE 13.1 and Visual Studio 2010.

I use LAPACK version 3.2.1, and the original patched makefiles can be downloaded from David Svoboda’s website. The source codes of LAPACK and BLAS packages are available from netlib.

The 32bit BLAS and LAPACK libraries downloading:

The 64bit BLAS and LAPACK libraries downloading:

The modified Windows makefile can be downloaded from here:

Thanks David Svoboda for the original LAPACK Windows version.

Thanks Conrad Sanderson for the  “/QaxSSSE3” suggestion, and the wonderful Armadillo C++ linear algebra library!